15 Best Chrome Extensions For Pc 2021

1 Blocksite- Stay Focused and Control your Time

These are Best extensions for Pc and android are best for College and School Students. We all get distracted by our phones or tablets and all this social media. You have exams or project deadlines and you use phone to search for an information and you find yourself get stuck scrolling through Facebook or reading some Buzzfeed article for hours. This extension is best website blocker for better productivity it help you to not lose focus with technology is called BlockSite, and it’s quickly rising the ranks in terms of popularity We Product review at 8 are here to find out – read on to find out more about why BlockSite has become best website blocker for chrome and best website blocker firefox for student getting the best productivity. college student

2 Xtab

Xtab restricts the number of pages you can open in a particular browser window. Just set your limit in settings and forget about it. you wont get distracted in your work by all the new tabs that open. When you exceed your limit, the extension gets to automatically cuts your oldest, least-accessed, or least-recently-used tab. It also prevents you from opening excess tabs altogether. I have habit of reflexive tabbing habit that is why I use that last setting the most,If you’ve tried other tab managers in the past and found them wanting, this could be Best Extension for students.

3 Unhook – Remove YouTube Recommended Videos

You all must have faced it, whenever you are studying for exams there are Youtube recommendation that distracts you to jump to weird kind of videos and wastes your hours. Best Extension for students extension to remove YouTube recommended sidebar, end screen video suggestions, user comments, homepage related videos feed, trending tab, turn off auto play or annotations, and other distractions. Toggle the options through the popup to customize your own YouTube experience

4 Inssist for Chrome

Instagram doesn’t allow you to upload photos or stories from the instagram web app and infact it added the chatting feature in browser recently too. You can somehow manage to upload photos but videos are still difficult. Best chrome extensions for instagram is — Inssist only available for chrome web client for Instagram . Its a chrome app rather than an extension and it lets you upload multiple photos and videos from your pc to instagram and you can even upload stories from pc using this insist chrome extension, it just requires you to login to the instagram web app.

5 Link to text fragment

You must have noticed recently that whenever you search something on google and open a link it opens the webpage to the desired Google’s link to text fragment will create a unique link to share this link to the people and when they click on the link it will open the article with the particular paragraph highlighted

6 Wa toolkit

It is extension that i exploit so rather than opening the whatsapp web tab i just log into whatsapp web and shut the tab entirely and now here the wa toolkit extension is pinned so whenever i receive a message it shows an unread message counter up here i just need to hover over the wa toolkit icon and it demonstrated the text message quickly

7 QuillBot

QuillBot is that the best chrome extensions for school students for paraphrasing and summarizing that helps students and professionals reduce their writing time by using AI to rewrite and improve your writing, cut unnecessary words, sentence, paragraph. It helps you discover the right synonym whenever with a built-in thesaurus function to simply replace words.

8 Freddie

Similar to other readers freddie cleans up the whole website with no ads in order that you’ll easily read the whole article plus this is often interesting it shows this highlighter over the text which you’ve got to follow to read the article. you’ll also set the speed of the tracker

9 I don’t care about cookies

Seriously that’s a singular name of the simplest extension for cookies there are many sites that popup annoying cookie notification sites that constantly invite cookie permission it’s all due to Gdpr websites need to inform users that they’re storing cookies and collecting your personal information. This extension removes all those cookies notifications in order that you’ll read or browse peacefully it just denies them.

10 Buster

It was recommended to me by caution like here you see now once you open sites in incognito or simply simply use a vpn google will throw this capture challenge which you’ll sit and solve or use buster here is buster it’ll just solve it for you it uses google’s own api and uses the voice accessibility choice to quickly solve the capture for you in only seconds so this one would be useful to everyone who’s studying or performing from home see sometimes you would like to elucidate your colleagues or maybe friends on the way to do things on your pc for instance i had to elucidate to some one at the office the way to start a backup on the from the online so I even have to make a fast tutorial on the way to do this all of it with annotations so i used the extension.

11 Screenity

You can overlay the webcam footage over the video footage and most notably you can do cursor highlighter and it also helps you to make annotations with arrows and on and all that in real time when you film the video how awesome it is that like I can use editors to do this stuff, but screening makes screen capturing and illustrations so simple that the app is open source so no watermark on the app and free download as well it will barely useful to everyone who is working from home or even studying.

12 Tab extend

It’s pretty tedious if you use bookmarks and you can’t have more than 10 to 20 bookmarks at once, so use tab extend it helps you to organize open tabs far easier than bookmarks, you can even add your custom node to help me when I research or study for a subject, according to the web pages I used to be earlier, you can have different categories, but tab extend is much better so these were some little known chrome extension you should be using in 2021.

13 Smart Mute

The problem that I face with YouTube on Google Chrome is that all of them start playing at once so I have to individually pause every tab or just exit the browser all together now here comes smart mute this only allows sound from the tab which is currently active and as soon as you switch to the other tab the music stops just a little dip there in case you’re watching this on your mobile and you want the extension to be installed on your laptop you don’t have to send yourself the link just visit the Chrome Web Store

14 Incognito filter

When you open certain websites in incognito mode like my net banking portal this extension called incognito filter that lets me list down websites which I prefer to open in incognito for example I have the code that net banking website added and now when I enter the URL in the search box and it opens in incognito as simple as that

15 Pip

pip is a fairly old extension from Google in case you don’t know it lets you play YouTube videos on the browser in picture-in-picture mode and not just YouTube pretty much all of the video streaming websites like Netflix Amazon Prime etc etc when I want to proof read my YouTube videos before uploading it to YouTube while also working on the video title tags and description side by side talking about popular search engine

Bonus Trick

Here is a small trick to keep all the extensions under a single box head over to Chrome flags and able to flag extension toolbar menu this will enable an extension box which holds all your extensions under one toolbar well looks neat and they are easily accessible however do note that installing too many extensions might hog up your app now .

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