7 amazing apps that you cannot find on the Google play store.

You’ll notice that some of the great applications aren’t available on the Play Store.
It’s not because they’re dangerous or harmful to your phone; it’s simply because Google dislikes the features they have and wishes to keep them exclusive.

These are the ten applications that you cannot find on the google play store:-

1 Gcam port

There are several different versions of this app, and it’s not to be confused with the Google Camera app that you can download from the Google Play Store. The Gcam port is essentially the Google Camera app that ships exclusively with Google’s pixel phones, but it’s been modded and ported over so that it can work with non-Google phones, and it has pretty much all of the camera features that are included in the Google Camera app.You get access to Google’s image processing, which means images taken on non-pixel phones now look like they were taken on pixel phones, so you can see why Google doesn’t want this readily available on their own play store. All right, next up is another Google exclusive app, well exclusive if you use the Google play stores concept, but it is their very own sound recorder programme, so a lot of people use this.

2 Recorder app

It has a simple interface and is easy to use, but what really sets it apart is its transcription service, which ensures that everything you record through this software is automatically transcribed at the same time. This means that if you have a lot of audio recordings on your phone, rather than having to go through each one to find what you’re searching for, you can easily search for it find on the play store.

3 Bromine

This software is a chromium fork or a version of Google Chrome, so it looks and feels really similar, but it has a few features that Google doesn’t approve of, the man of which is that it’s all about taking back anonymity, basically blocking trackers and making it very clear when sites are using cookies and so forth. This ensures that you can go about surfing the web without worrying about being monitored. Fast tiles is a popular app with more mainstream versions available on Google Play However, none of them are as powerful as this one, which is why it isn’t available on the Google Play Store. In short, the app allows you to add additional tiles to your quick settings panel, and several of the tiles allow you to perform very granular functions that would otherwise require you to go deep into your phone’s settings menu, for example, there’s a tile that allows you to open the camera, a tile for taking scrambled eggs, and so on.

4 Tap Tap

This app, that allow you to remap the physical buttons on your phone are often notorious for not being allowed on the play store and so it’s no surprise that skip rather than allowing you to remap your phone’s existing buttons, creates a new one. It’s basically designed to replicate the very newish feature found on iPhones where you can double tap the back of the phone to activate some sort of shortcut. It works in a similar manner, and you can adjust the sensitivity of the function as well, but the amount of actions is limited.

5 DarQ

This is an app that allows you to optimise where the system-wide dark theme is added on your android device. Some permissions must be activated with an adb script to get the app to function properly, but after that, the app can effectively use android’s hidden for stark setting to take apps on your phone that don’t natively support a dark theme But I’ve used it for apps like Facebook, the Service New South Wales app, and the Instagram preview version, both of which don’t have native dark modes. Now the last two apps today are both root only apps, but they’re both definitely two of the best apps that you can’t find on the play store.

6 Magisk manager

This app is hands down the best and safest app for dealing with something relevant to damaging your handset, and while one of its key functions is assisting you with the actual routing process (which I have a guide on, so if you’re curious, I’ll connect to it up in the cards), it also hosts all of the best and most up-to-date magisk modules (modules are the items that allow you to do things with your phone).

7 Magisk module

If this is your first time watching a video on my channel, quick switch is an app that lets you replace your phone’s stock launcher with any supported third-party launcher. If this is your first time watching a video on my channel, quick switch is an app that lets you replace your phone’s stock launcher with any supported third-party launcher. which is what allowed them to have those nice and integrated animations but it also meant that if you were using
gestures in conjunction with a third-party launcher

so there it is that was 7 of the best apps that are not available on the google play store if you have any other recommendations for apps also not found on the play store.

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