Amazon makes its own line of 3D printers as it prohibits the sale of other brands

3D printing is one of the most exciting and flexible technologies to get into the hands of the consumer. Printers are available at many different prices to satisfy the curiosity of beginners and enthusiasts alike, and people make genuinely amazing things like this. 3D printed PC gaming laptop.

Unfortunately, accessibility for 3D printers may be about to take a little dip, according to 3D natives, retail giant Amazon is set to ban the sale of 3D printers in its store, to make room for its own range of 3D printing options. A quick search of the site shows dozens of brands, all of which will be given the boot to make room for Amazon’s own inventory.

Given the size of Amazon’s reach, this is a pretty blatant muscular move to remove the competition. While it is likely that many will still sell on other platforms, this change could be a big problem for many manufacturers.

While not necessarily amazing machines to work with, competition is what has helped to reduce so many of these machines to these affordable prices. It will be interesting to see how these smaller 3D printing companies fare as the change takes place.

Of course, even more questions can be asked regarding Amazon’s new range of 3D printing options. Not much is known yet, but it looks like the company is aiming to make a printer under $100, which will be a very cheap printer.

If Amazon had been interested in playing well with the other brands, it could have been a very interesting entry into the market. However, given the market share that the Amazon platform can offer for these unique machines, the company doesn’t seem too keen on fueling competition and innovation.

That said, a reliable 3D printer under $100 is very welcome on the market. Many of the cheaper machines are very difficult and complicated to use, especially for beginners who just want to play. When even simple printouts can take all day, there’s nothing worse than having to restart a cheap machine.

I hate to admit it, but if Amazon’s 3D printers are any good, they could become one of the best supported budget machines around. I wonder if we will be able to buy them from anywhere other than Amazon.

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