Android 12 features on Pixel Phone – Check out the new features here

Android 12 features on Pixel Phone you can Check out the new features here. It is the first developer beta of the latest android 12 code named android S. Now it is not recommended that I update the developer edition of android 12 on normal devices on a pixel 3, which is clearly not my usual computer. Developer builds are very unreliable and it can be dangerous to update it on your regular phones not to do anything at home but when you have the android 12 well Google has set out the release plan of android S features and updates around August or September 2021 and Android 12 should be released by the end of 2021. Things have not significantly improved.

I’m only going to talk about five important major changes about android 12. what I’m really excited about is following new features.

1 Customizations

Customizations, now you guys might have seen under the settings menu you have a different section called styles and wallpaper now here in styles you will see there are more customization choices if you select custom font styles, you can also choose customizable icons for quick setting styles that are new and you can also choose the color of these slider icons.

2 Notification Centre

There are a few improvements in the way messages display so because you have more room between priority and quiet notifications because when someone texts you get a bigger profile icon and you see the photos look huge, this is a good improvement because it helps you to better distinguish that the message is from you and now at the bottom you can opt to silence the warning to inform you of this snooze button.

3 One-handed mode

If you see the settings and the sub menu that are closest to your thumb, the third fascinating thing I liked in Android 12 is to one-handed mode, it looks like Samsung’s one ui, but I really like this move, you know that phones get taller and taller every year and it’s difficult to use them with a single hand.

4 Improved Screenshot

The screenshot feature that is much better now see android 12 has a very good screenshot menu that gives you more editing choices that you can also add annotation markers It’s very nice because you can do all that right here on the phone because I have to submit screenshots to my parents to let them understand the settings It’s nice that I can mark stuff right inside the phone and you even have emojis from my parents

5 Unified API

Finally, the last and fifth point is that unified API now doesn’t get confused by the name, which essentially means that now an app can allow text and images by clipboard or drag and drop. See here I have Chrome and Google docs open in split screen mode. Now I can quickly copy and paste images from Chrome to Google docs. You can even drag and drop images between the applications, but it doesn’t seem to function. This helps you to wirelessly send file from one Android device to another then now you can essentially wirelessly drop your wi-fi password from one device to another Android device and it will automatically link the other Android device to your wi-fi so you also have app pairs this function is present in one UI i so you can basically pair two apps like suppose youtube and whatsapp now when you tap both.

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