Asus ROG 5, 18 GB RAM Gaming Smartphone

The ROG Phone 5 is finally here. This is some crazy cool phone this year significantly improved from the previous generations of ROG and its very powerful like they’re marketed as gaming phones in that sense but they’re just awesome phones that i think most people who enjoy phones and appreciate powerful stuff you’re gonna like this phone. 

Asus ROG 5 specification 

  • Display – 6.78-inch (1080×2448) 
  • Processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 
  • Front Camera – 24MP 
  • Rear Camera – 64MP + 13MP + 5MP 
  • RAM – 18GB 
  • Storage – 512GB 
  • Battery Capacity – 6000mAh 
  • OS Android 11 
  • Price in India Rs 50,000

The standard base ROG phone 5 and the ultimate version are also available in this model. 

They’ve moved away from the previous ROG versions, which had design features on the rear of the phone that gave the impression of a cool thermal dissipation effect on the outside, but those weren’t working. 

ASUS has gotten rid of all the gimmicks. 

The standard Rog Phone 5 has a shiny glass back with red accents, but the rog logo lights up and can be controlled very easily in apps. This is extremely well engineered they’ve done it in a good way so it doesn’t protrude it doesn’t sound like an afterthought it feels like it was made to have this kind of lighting and it looks really nice it reminds me of the lighting on the g14 zephyrus laptop the other computer I have here is the ultimate version This phone has a white and blue back, and it has a matte pearlescent finish rather than a glossy finish. 

There’s even a monochrome oled screen on the back of it, which I think is pretty cool because it’s flat to the back of the unit and looks really well made. It doesn’t feel like it was thrown together at the last minute, and you can configure it. 

You can make it display battery percentage, an incoming call (not caller id, just a reminder that calls are coming through), and you can configure it with your own artwork it’s pretty awesome they’ve obviously put a lot of thought into it, and the icon rotates based on the direction of the phone so it’s never an upside down image they’ve done a fantastic job on this stuff. 

On both of these phones, there’s a brightly coloured sim tray, with the white one having a bright blue one and the black one having a red one, and they both have good luck and fun etched right into them. I do wish that the white one, like the ultimate edition, had a different coloured trim, like the frame of the phone was silver or also white, because I think that would have looked better, but what makes them special makes them different from regular non-gaming phones is really performance these are running snapdragon 888 but because of thermal engineering they’re doing it can get rid of the heat better so asus stacked pcb thing here so two layers on top of each other and it uses a vapor chamber graphite materials to get the heat out of the system and in very power hungry games that push the system hard you will notice a difference in performance. One thing that you’ll notice is that the pcb on the rog phone 5 is right in the centre of the phone so it allows the heat to dissipat more evenly and it also allows them to run a split battery system. 

There are even air triggers on the top of the screen I think top in landscape mode there are touch sensitive places that you can use as shoulder buttons on a controller in the first few generations of the rg phones I never liked them like the technology was cool very good idea but they just never felt responsive enough they’ve tweaked it to the point that it looks a lot better it’s not flawless right i’ve never liked them like the technology was cool very good idea but they just never felt responsive enough if they don’t have them and there’s also an inverted color mode so you can spot enemies a little bit easier in the dark it’s kind of questionable as to how fair all this stuff is like there are certain games out there that if you have a crosshair and if you have the ability to flip into negative colors  

it can give you a really clear advantage but the bonus is on you uh there’s also a usb c port on the side so you can charge your phone while you’re playing games without the cable getting in the way and there is of course the active cooler the fan so this has been redesigned for this year it now connects to the phone using a different mechanism it used to connect with a usb c pass-through now it uses some pogo pins on the bottom which i think is a better connection system and this when connected gives you some back buttons it gives you rgb lighting on the back as well as a kickstand now from my test it doesn’t reduce the thermals by a ton it’s like three maybe four degrees cooler on the surface when you have the fan running if you’re hard to the core with mobile games then maybe this is something you’d want to implement in all your gaming but i think for most people they just go without it but it does come with the ultimate edition it’s a separate add-on if you purchase the basic model but on the white super duper edition it comes in the box the speakers on the rg phone five are really good they’re loud they’re clear and the stair separation is fantastic they’ve always been good though right the rg123 they’ve always had great speaker systems in these phones and they’re just even better this year they’re noticeably louder i will say though and i said this last year as well that if you’re in portrait mode like if you’re scrolling through reddit and you’re watching a video in vertical the stereo separation now it’s going from the top and the bottom it’s very distinct it’s almost jarring but the sound system is excellent for gaming and for media consumption 

If I’m not mistaken, this is the first phone that I remember that they disabled the headphone jack one year and then added it back the next year on the rg phone 3. I chastised them for not keeping the jack, recognising that there were space restrictions due to the 5g antennas or whatever the justification was, I tore into them for not including it. The battery remains enormous. 

It’s a 6000 milliampere hour battery that’s the same size as the previous rg phone 3, except this year they’ve split it into two separate batteries, each with three thousand milliamp hours. Since they’re two separate batteries, you can charge them simultaneously with one 65 wire charger, which is super fast charging, and you get better thermal performance as a result of the split battery design.extends the battery’s life or longevity. Simply put, the more you charge the cell to its maximum capacity, the bad it is for a battery over time. By encouraging the user to tweak the stuff, these batteries last a little bit longer, which is good to see on an amateur phone like this. 

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