Asus says it’s ‘reducing MSRP aggressively’ for graphics cards ‘across all SKUs’

That’s what we were expecting, real manufacturers significantly lowering the prices of their graphics cards. We have recently noticed that GPU inventory levels are returning to healthy levels on a number of different cards, but although prices have dropped, they are still very high.

But with Asus confirming to us that it “is aggressively lowering the MSRP”, that means actual retail prices can now follow suit, hopefully soon. And it’s not just letters that nobody wants, like the Radeon RX 6500XT— which has remained at, or even below, the MSRP for much of its life — we are now seeing prices drop across a number of different GPUs.

“Asus has been reducing prices on all SKUs,” said an Asus representative.

It looks like Asus is looking to jump in first as GPU prices inevitably drop. With an increase in supply, obviously, and demand still high for graphics cards, manufacturers will have to get down to business if they want users to buy. their cards.

And when the price is still punishing elsewhere, the first to really lower the GPU price will see the bulk of users buying their cards over the competition.

This is repeated by Dr. Thomas Goldsby, a renowned supply chain expert, who tells us, “A supplier will be nervous about having a sizable supply for an item with a limited shelf life (with newer cards coming to market) and will make the move to clean up that excess of stock.

“Peer suppliers will then have to follow that lead. And we’re back in balance, we’re down.”

Indeed there are reports that the next major GPU to launch, the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, has seen a significant price cut compared to where it would have been positioned if it had launched in January, as expected. And we also heard similar refrains from our own contacts.

If this happens when the new Nvidia card launches, that’s just more proof that the GPU price really is on its way to normalization.

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