Become more powerful than you can imagine with the latest Fortnite skin

How did you play during Fortnite’s fortnight of Star Wars celebrationsJedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi is coming to the game on May 26th. The skin will be sold in the item shop and comes with ‘Desert Essentials Back Bling’, and there are several accessories to buy separately, including a holo-message emote.

The skin, of course, ties in with the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi miniseries, released on May 27, in which Ewan MacGregor reprises the role. Please be good.

I will never learn.

Epic is also holding an event called the Battle Royale Duos Obi-Wan Kenobi Cup on May 22, which players can participate in for a chance to win the skin early. His lightsaber has also been in the game since the last Star Wars crossover, which is now pretty much an annual event. Time to answer the big question: who would win between Obi Wan and Robocop?

Outside of skins, the big recent Fortnite news is likely that Epic will try to do some roblox with him later this year. CEO Tim Sweeney revealed that Unreal Editor will arrive later this year: “The full features you’ve seen [in Unreal Engine] open so anyone can create high quality game content and code and deploy it to Fortnite without having to make a deal with us. It’s open to everyone.”

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