Core Keeper surpasses half a million downloads on Steam

Core Keeper, the charmer Terraria-like underground survival simulatoralready sold more half a million copies since launching into Early Access on March 8. This explosion in popularity can be attributed in part to the positive attention from streamers: Core Keeper streams are approaching 2 million views on Twitch.

It’s the indie dream really, to have hard work pay off like that, and the success is well deserved. in early access ask for first impressionsPC Gamer writer Chris Livingston praised Core Keeper’s juxtaposition of genuinely unnerving underground surprises with a homey, cozy atmosphere reminiscent of Stardew Valley.

In addition to the positive sales news, developer Pugstorm announced that Core Keeper has already been verified by Stream Deck. Gone are the days when you’d wait half a year or more for a promising indie game to hit the Switch eshop so you could take it on the road. The Deck and Switch have different niche markets and use cases, but so far the Switch has had few credible competitors as the preferred mobile platform for indie PC gaming ports, and more competition in that space can only be a good thing.

It’s heartening to see Core Keeper receive so much success so quickly, and Pugstorm is looking to build on that success with substantial updates including new biomes and mechanics already in progress.

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