Crush chaos in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide this September

I still fire up Vermintide 2 every now and then when the urge to squash some big rats takes over, but as a 40K kid I’m looking forward to leaving the fantasy realm behind and stepping into a shadowy hive city in its wake, dark tide. Fortunately, your arrival is not far off.

Darktide was initially released last year but unfortunately had to be delayed due to the pandemic. It looks like it’s reached the final stretch, however, and we’ll be able to team up with some friends against the corrupting forces of Chaos on September 13th.

In the meantime, here’s a new trailer to keep you up.

Enhanced by a story written by a prolific author Dan Abnett-responsible for the brilliant series Gaunt’s Ghosts and Eisenhorn, as well as a long list of comics from Marvel, DC and 2000 AD – Darktide will have you fighting your way through a Chaos-infested hive city along with a trio of friends. Unlike the vast majority of 40K games, you won’t be stepping into the massive boots of a few Space Marines, instead choosing an eclectic mix of Inquisition agents, including a massive ogryn.

As for your enemies, you’ll face off against the minions of the Chaos God Nurgle, from the weak but worryingly numerous poxwalkers to Imperial traitors who fell with a bad mob. I’ll miss the skaven for sure, but I’m always happy to step on some horrible plague-loving henchmen.

With Vermintide 2 being solidly one of my all-time favorite co-op games, I have high hopes for this one.

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