Elden Ring Deathblight Builds Are Ruining PvP

Elden Ring PvP was opened by players who discovered a building that is nearly unstoppable. Using a specific weapon and spell, these players are able to repeatedly stack a debuff on enemies that kills them instantly, and what’s worse: if done correctly, it can trap you in animations so you never die unless you force it. the game exit.

Those using the ‘Deathblight’ build are taking advantage of two powerful items: the Eclipse Hotel weapon and the Deadly Sin of Fire enchantment. Eclipse Shotel’s Ash of War move called Death Flare which inflicts the death effect on enemies. The Death Sickness presents itself as a normal poison meter that builds up over repeated exposure, but once filled it instantly kills you with a gruesome animation where your character is impaled by spikes. Non-PvP players will likely have encountered this with certain PvE enemies like the basilisks.

In a pairing that is likely unintentional, combining Eclipse Shotel’s Death Flare attack with the Fire’s Deadly Sin spell – which normally ignites – creates a lingering death AoE for the duration of the enchantment. In this state, players only need to stay close to enemies to quickly inflict Deathblight.

The result of this nasty combination has been a number of players invading other people’s worlds to chase them until they die with almost no resources. Reddit user TeenyTinyWyvern posted a video where they are hit by this attack and enemy players combine it into a backstab animation repeatedly for almost a full minute. According to Teeny, the only way out was to make them stop doing it or close the game.

the_horrenous_state_of_invasion_pvp_warning from r/Eldenring

“Remember, the only reason I was able to get out of this is because another invader showed up and caught your attention,” they wrote.

Some of us at PC Gamer also had our asses kicked by this Deathblight version and others similar to it. Apparently, the build also works with Bleed and Frostbite, and can even affect friendly summons. Nothing about this seems fair, and it’s unclear whether FromSoftware is aware of the exploit. The compilation has been around since close to the game’s release. If you plan on PvPing, know that you might find someone doing it and be forced to lose or ALT-F4 in your game.

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