Elden Ring patch 1.03 made one of its more unusual characters easier to find

Having sunk 140 hours in Elden ring (opens in new tab)Over the last month, I’ve thought I’ve been pretty thorough in exploring From Software’s massive open-world RPG. But apparently I still managed to miss an entire questline around a character encountered near the start of the game. And it looks like I’m not the only Tarnished who passed right by this character, as Elden Ring patch 1.03 did. considerably easier to find (opens in new tab).

Here are minor spoilers for Elden Ring:

The character in question is known as Boc the Seamster, a demihuman who, unlike most of his ilk, is not overtly hostile towards the player upon encountering him. He initially appears in Limgrave, the starting area of ​​the game. But he’s incredibly difficult to spot because he’s disguised as a bush. Like some other side characters, he calls out to nearby players, but in his original implementation, you could only hear him if you were practically on top of him anyway. Even so, you might not see it amidst the foliage of the Limgrave forests.

As of last month’s patch 1.03, however, Boc has become considerably easier to locate. The range of his callout has been increased significantly, while From has also added a rare purple item nearby to lure players to Boc’s hideout. You can see the changes in the Twitter video below, posted by the Souls-focused Youtuber Illusory Wall:

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The change speaks to the fine balancing act that Elden Ring tries with its approach to quest design. FromSoft clearly wants players to find these characters and quests, but they want them to be found out of the player’s natural curiosity rather than marking them with a big exclamation point, which is difficult to do in such a large world. and The Lands Between.

It is worth noting that 1.03 is also map markers introduced (opens in new tab) for characters the player had already encountered, which in itself was a controversial change, although the map markers are more to help you remember where all the secondary characters are currently, rather than pointing out where they will go next .

Either way, it’s always worth tracking down the Elden Ring NPCs, not just for the potential rewards (Boc, for example, gives you the ability to change your gear), but for the weird and melancholy missions (opens in new tab) that follow. Boc’s story is apparently one of the best, so be sure to track him down if you’re venturing back to Limgrave anytime soon.

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