Fortnite’s new no-build mode has neither Fort nor Nite

Last week, Epic removed the building side of Fortnite’s casual mode: and made our own Morgan fall in love with the world’s greatest battle royale again. The wider reaction was also positive, and it didn’t take long for rumors to start circulating that the intention was to make the mode without construction. a permanent feature about the game.

Now it’s official. Epic has announced that a no-build BR mode will be a permanent option in Fortnite, and was named Zero Build. It can be found on the Discover page and accommodates solo players, duos, trios and four-person squads (why don’t they call them quads?).

It also comes with a different default loadout: all players have the reload overshield (after all, one of the main purposes of the build was defensive cover), in addition to the Apex-lite movement system already added to the game. There’s a whiff of Apex in the trailer above for the mode, in fact, which amounts to a series of explosions synced to a song.

Moving away from a main feature – one that is even part of the title – might seem wild if we were talking about another game. But Fortnite isn’t removing the build, just offering an alternative, and if one thing has defined this game throughout its life, it’s reinvention. I just compared it to Apex, but honestly, you can’t compare Fortnite to any BR competitors: it’s a much wider, bigger, weirder beast. Epic has created a platform that can host Ariana Grande concerts and a Martin Luther King museum, then move on to an alien invasion fought by the Terminator, Batman and a walking fish.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Build will continue to be a key part of Fortnite’s ecosystem, because it’s what’s behind the incredible array of custom game modes. And anyone who still wants to play BR with the building can. As someone who has always found construction a bit complicated and unsettling, I’m delighted, but I’m also happy that I can still see players building wildly in the middle of battle and shooting someone from a tower they’ve just built.

Elsewhere in the Fortnite news, Epic announced that it would donate all money from in-game purchases made through April 3 to relief organizations operating in the Russian-Ukrainian war. Epic also chose to do this when it launched. Chapter 3 Season 2which is certainly the time when most of the game’s money is being spent on the battle pass and new cosmetics. Has raised over $70 million: and that number is a few days out of date.

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