Gaming Chair Deal: Save £30 on Secretlab’s Excellent Titan Evo 2022

I know it’s April 1st, but this deal is no joke. Secretlab has some amazing deals on their gaming chairs right now, including a slap on top of our best gaming chairs list: the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022.

Our standard black upper chair has a £30 saving now, and you get the same savings if you opt for the SoftWeave Plus fabric or Hybrid Leatherette finish, although SoftWeave remains a little more expensive.

Keep in mind that this will appear at a £130 discount, although that does include the direct price savings that are common on the site to buy through Secretlab. Anyway, it’s a good deal for something we gave 95% in our tests.

The Secretlab 2020 series is also getting discounts, and while there have been improvements to the 2022 versions, we’re not entirely averse to the 2020 series. Especially since you can get the Omega gaming chair for €394 now – this is currently second on our list of best gaming chairs.

While the Omega doesn’t come with a height-adjustable head pillow, these are well-built gaming chairs. He and the Titan Evo 2022 are super comfortable and durable. Both come with 4D armrests and are backed by a 3-year warranty.

There are other styles on sale too, so you don’t have to go for the boring old black. There are Cyberpunk, Horde, and Team Liquid designs, among countless others, so keep an eye out for one that tickles your fancy.

Oh and Secretlab also has some Magnus gaming tables on offer now too. And you get free baby wipes with them, I mean what are you waiting for?

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