Get £40 Off This Corsair PC Bundle With RTX 3070 Ti

Graphics cards have been particularly hard hit during chip shortages and the pandemic, and while prices for some of the best cards around are falling (opens in new tab), it may still be a battle to get this purchase with availability. Thanks to scarcity, pre-builds and packs are more popular than ever, and many are pretty decent.

One of these packs is currently on sale for Corsair fans out there. The RTX 3070 Ti builder pack (opens in new tab) It is an elegant looking kit collection. It has an Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti Founders Edition GPU inside the little brother for the ultra premium Corsair iCUE 5000T case we reviewed (opens in new tab)the Corsair iCUE 5000X.

There is also an 850 Watt RM white series modular power supply, three 120 mm iCUE magnetic levitation fans, and an iCUE H150i Elite Capellix liquid CPU cooler. having everything be iCUE should make a really cool RGB setup (opens in new tab). However, that means you’ll still need to get some important parts like the motherboard and CPU, not to mention storage and RAM.

If you want to keep everything within the family, you can even use the Corsair specific parts picker (opens in new tab) to help you make those choices. If you are looking for a slightly more objective opinion, you can always consult our guides. We have lists of the best gaming motherboards, CPUs, SSDs, RAM and all types to help you complete this build. But it is always good to check this compatibility before making any purchase.

Ultimately this deal is just £40 GPB, but it still feels like a very decent selection of parts for the price, and every little bit counts. Especially if you’re looking for a decent personal GPU.

Although, to be fair, if you can put up with the purchase of the new PC for a while, it might be worth it. Experts are seeing hopeful signs that gaming stock woes will ease soon (opens in new tab)and new graphics cards are coming from all the major brands, including Intel’s new Arc boards (opens in new tab).

If you can’t wait but this Corsair package doesn’t suit your needs, check out some of the best. Cheap pre-built gaming PCs currently available (opens in new tab).

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