Get Beautiful Desolation isometric point-and-click free for a limited time

South African studio The Brotherhood, responsible for the much-loved sci-fi horror adventure game stasisfollowed with beautiful desolation in 2020. Another isometric point-and-click adventure, Beautiful Desolation has you exploring a “tribal punk” post-apocalyptic dystopian landscape filled with giant scorpions, rocket-launching robots, and swarms of nanites. You are on a personal mission, looking for your brother in this world, but also making decisions that will shape the earth in the future. It has beautiful art and a soundtrack composed by Mick Gordon.

As part of their current summer sale, GOG is donating Beautiful Desolation (opens in new tab) for free. You have until 6am PST on Monday, June 20th to add it to your account.

GOG’s summer sale runs until June 27. We’ve put together a selection of some of the best games currently discounted like pc gamers collection (opens in new tab). Each game on the list is one that our reviewer scored 90% or higher. That means you can buy Shadow Tactics: Blade of the Shogun or XCOM 2 at 90% off, Supreme Commander Gold Edition or Bastion at 80% off, Civilization 4: The Complete Edition or Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition at 75 % off, among others. (It’s a shame Dragon Age 2 isn’t available on GOG, because we probably would have put that on the list too).

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