Halo: The Official Cookbook will be released in August

It’s probably (maybe?) a coincidence, but just days after CD Projekt revealed the Witch cookbook (opens in new tab)343 Industries has announced that Master Chief is getting its own meal prep guide.

Halo: The Official Cookbook will include more than 70 recipes, “from portable snacks you can take with you on the Warthog to decadent spreads to feed the entire squad”, with step-by-step instructions and photos designed to make it all accessible to chefs of all ages. skill levels.

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The Halo cookbook is being authored by Victoria Rosenthal, who apparently specializes in this sort of thing: she’s done cookbooks for Final Fantasy XIV, Street Fighter, Fallout, and Destiny. She also has an old website called Pixelated Arrangements (opens in new tab)where it recreates foods and recipes found in video games: The current front page formula is Crispy Fish Pancakes from Guild Wars 2 (opens in new tab), and dozens of other games are represented. It’s really impressive.

I had no idea that this kind of niche subgenre had become so popular, but looking at Amazon listings for some of Rosenthal’s other books, they seem like quality products: good photos, detailed instructions, and folklore – some of them a little little superficial, sure, but these are cookbooks, not source books, after all.

The crossover between video games and food is definitely one thing: we interviewed another game cookbook author back in 2017 (opens in new tab) about the challenges of adapting World of Warcraft items like Rylak Claws into tasty recipes, and in February Halo voice actor Steve Downes shared his own personal recipe for Master Chief Chili.

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No offense to the Chef, but I hope the recipes in the official Halo cookbook are a little spicier.

The official Halo cookbook is scheduled to debut on August 16th and is available to pre-order at amazon (opens in new tab) in a hardcover edition for $40, or $14 on Kindle.

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