Hope Dell brings this fast multi-network technology to gaming laptops

Dell has just announced the world’s first simultaneous multi-network connection, which means your next Dell machine will be able to connect to two or more internet connections—wired and wireless—at the same time.

It comes as part of Dell’s announcement of Optimizer, a collection of intelligent hardware-based solutions to various common problems for laptop users. includes smart privacy features with over-the-shoulder spy detection; performance-enhancing features like ExpressResponse, which uses machine learning to make your favorite programs run more smoothly; and ExpressCharge, which does exactly what you’d expect, along with some battery-enhancing voodoo.

What excites us most, however, is ExpressConnect. If Dell’s calculations are correct, the combination of multi-network, bandwidth management and automatic network switching can apparently make your next Dell laptop run at a rate of 20% more data transfers, three times less buffering. , eight times better video quality and 30% faster application and data processing.

We have no idea what network speeds Dell’s tests were running to come up with all this, but we can assume the company already has a great internet connection.

Of course, there are already solutions to combine two or more internet connections on one machine, but you need a common router to talk to others and a lot of faffing is involved. That would eliminate all this confusion. However, as it is a hardware dependent feature, you will not be able to simply download an update on your old Dell machine and suddenly have the ability to connect to multiple networks.

Connecting to more than two networks at the same time might seem a little greedy, but if you have the means, imagine the power! You can introduce a 4G router to your network to give an extra boost to your parents’ crappy Wi-Fi or access to multiple connections at work. And having a backup internet connection when you’re gaming can be a lifesaver if it tends to fall on you, not to mention how having two internets will improve lag.

We’re not sure the technology will be gracing gaming machines right now. We are awaiting confirmation from Dell on this and will keep you updated.

If you plan on spending your gaming-free hours working on a high-end Latitude laptop, a Dell Precision Workstation (mobile or non-mobile), or one of Dell’s rugged laptops, you’re a winner. OptiPlex machines will also be multi-network capable, although they won’t reach the low-end 3000 series machines.

It’s a great idea, and we can’t wait to try it out. I wonder how far that speed could stack…

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