Humble’s Stand With Ukraine bundle raises $26 million in just one week

The humble stand with the Ukraine package came out strong when it launched last week, increasing over $2 million in just a single day. And he managed to keep that momentum going until the end: Humble revealed earlier today that he raised more than $20 million for humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine.

It’s a huge number, but it’s also kind of an understatement. According to the Stand Ukraine With package page, over 473,900 packages have been sold, raising a grand total of $25,974,341, 100% of which will be split between Reason for Ukraine, International Rescue Committee, International Medical Corpsand Direct Relief. Bundle sales ended on March 25.

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I’m not sure how that total compares to the best-selling Humble Bundles of all time (I reached out to ask), but it’s a great step above and beyond other recent charity packages including the Beat Covid-19 package (US$ 6.6 million), the Fight for Racial Justice package (US$ 4.4 million), the Australia Fire Aid package (US$1.8 million), and the Humble Healing: Covid-19 package (US$ 1.5 million). The difference can be attributed to a few factors: the package itself, which had a relatively high minimum purchase price of $40, and the visibility and popularity of the Ukrainian military and government, which has been nothing short of a phenomenon in social networks. media since the Russian invasion – right where the people most likely to buy the package can see them.

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