Intel CEO May Have Stopped at TSMC to Order More Chips on His Travels in Asia

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has a pretty complete travel itinerary these days. The CEO plans to visit Japan, India and Taiwan to meet with prominent chip suppliers and customers. Although this Asia trip seems to be more about securing more chip capacity than a casual corporate check-in.

According Digitimes (opens in new tab) (by looking for alpha (opens in new tab)) made a short trip to Taiwan to meet with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) in order to ensure more sub-7nm and 28nm process fabrication capability, which is used in chips inside virtually everything from Apple’s A12 chip in the iPhone and AMD Ryzen and Radeon chips, to the new Arc GPUs from Intel.

TSMC has reported a significant increase in the number of 7nm chip orders (opens in new tab) this year, which makes sense now that the supply chain is showing signs of slowly returning to normal. It makes sense that a big customer like Intel would go to great lengths to ensure they are pushed to the front of the line, as well as see if they can get away with taking as many shares as possible. However, it will have to compete with other TSMC customers, including AMD.

Intel has made big changes by announcing that it will build a huge chip foundry in Germany (opens in new tab) like this factories in the United States (opens in new tab). The goal with these multibillion-dollar facilities is for Europe and the Americas to be less dependent on Asian chip supplies and, of course, to avoid chip shortages in the future.

“These commitments are vital as we and others in the industry work together to drive innovation and restore balance and resilience to the global supply chain,” said an Intel spokesperson. Bloomberg (opens in new tab).

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