Intel inadvertently leaks the details of its flagship Arc GPU

Intel recently released a video to demonstrate the features of its Arc Control Software. However, it was particularly interesting given the specs of an unknown discrete desktop GPU being shown for a split second during the presentation.

Arc Control is the name of the software that Intel is set to introduce to support Arc GPUs. Arc Control software includes GPU monitoring capabilities, which was the source of the information.

Information comes through eagle eyes in 3D center. For a brief moment at the 29-second point of the video above, the software appears to show monitoring data from an as-yet-unreleased GPU. The information is speculated to come from a high-end discrete GPU, as the clocks and power consumption are simply too high to come from a moving part. The screenshot shows that the GPU utilization is over 99% with a GPU clock of 2250 MHz and GPU power of 175 W.

This 175W figure shows GPU power rather than full card power, which indicates that we are looking at a top-end model with more than 200W once the power consumption of additional components is taken into account.

Another little bit of information is the reading of the VRAM clock of 1093MHz. This clock would equal 17.5 Gbps, which would provide 560 GB/second with a 256-bit bus width.

Of course this is all speculation based on just a split second of monitoring. It is possible that the software has failed and we are reading too much. One thing is certain, however, the launch of Intel Desktop Arc Boards get closer. We are getting information dumps almost daily now. There is confirmation that Arc will support AV1 encoding as well as decoding and we have a good idea which way Arc mobile GPUs will take, although real-world performance is still unknown.

(Image credit: 3DCenter)

We don’t have firm release dates yet, though. may to june It seems likely. Interesting technology like XeSS, Intel’s image upscaling algorithm, XMX AI acceleration, and a new media engine take time to get right! Intel will need to get it right from day one if it hopes to create a positive buzz and win the hearts, minds and dollars of gamers.

Speaking of dollars, that’s the big unknown right now. Arc’s competitiveness can be summed up in the attractiveness of its prices. we don’t wait RTX 3090 Ti class performance, then the value will be critical. We hope the launch is a success. The competition of three is better than the competition of two!

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