Kingdom Hearts 4 revealed at the series’ anniversary event

Square Enix fashion king Tetsuya Nomura appears to be back: Kingdom Hearts 4 was announced at a special event celebrating the series’ 20th anniversary.

For those who don’t know, Kingdom Hearts is a long-running action RPG series that (un)famously crosses the worlds of Disney and Final Fantasy, while building its own setting and lore. The series was created by Tetsuya Nomura, character designer for several classic Final Fantasy games and director of excellent Final Fantasy 7 Remake (opens in new tab).

The Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer shows series protagonist Sora waking up in a minimalist apartment in a modern city. He seems to be trapped in this world of “Quadratum” and starts fighting a giant dark monster. The trailer ends with Donald Duck and Goofy looking for Sora in a lightless abyss, before being accosted by an unseen enemy.

The trailer didn’t include a release date, and it’s hard to gauge how far Kingdom Hearts 4’s development is. The third entry in the series received a similar announcement trailer in 2013 and hasn’t been released for another six years, so fans of Kingdom Hearts can wait a while.

It’s also unclear how Square Enix will handle the PC release of this entry. Kingdom Hearts has long been a PlayStation-centric series and Kingdom Hearts 3 didn’t see a PC port until last year, releasing on the Epic Store alongside the annoyingly named series compilation, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue.

Square Enix has been looking for more PC ports from its games in recent years, but the results have been mixed. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins arrived on PC in a sorry state, both suffering from limited graphics options (opens in new tab) and frustrating performance issues (opens in new tab)and a significant stuttering issue in NieR: Automata was left unresolved for four years after the game’s release (opens in new tab). Kingdom Hearts 4 can be expected to get a better performing and more timely PC port than we’ve seen in the past.

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