League of Legends is getting its first novel

Riot and Orbit Books have announced a partnership to produce the “first novel” in the growing fictional universe of League of Legends. Ruination is being authored by Riot Games head writer Anthony Reynolds and is slated to release this September.

Ruination focuses on champion Kalista, the Spear of Vengeancewhich was added to the list in 2014, and the Ruined King Viegoa younger champion who got his own derivative RPG last year. Ruination explores the relationship between these two characters, focusing on Kalista, the “military general of King Viego, as she searches for a legendary realm that may have access to ancient magic – the only way to cure the poisoned Queen Isolde”.

Given that Kalista is in her second career as the “Spear of Vengeance” and that King Viego is now the “Ruined King Viego” with a composite image appearance of all Devil May Cry protagonists, I can’t imagine that the quest for Kalista goes according to plan.

Ruination appears to be the third leg of a League multimedia story consisting of the Sentinels of Light event in the game last July and the Ruined King RPG. It’s a little strange, then, that this prequel is coming a year later, but better late than never I suppose.

Ruined King is also not the first literary adaptation of League. That honor belongs to 2020 Garen: First Shieldthat was shorter novel and only ebook to boot. Ruination’s tale of tragedy and woe also seems to be a little more interesting than an episode in the life of Garen the Mighty of Demacia: League of Legend’s most vanilla character.

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