Massive Apex Legends Leak Reportedly Reveals Over Two Years of New Maps and Legends

Christmas has arrived early for the Apex Legends leaking and datamining community, with a Google Drive folder filled with screenshots and images of never-before-seen maps, legends, weapons, and cosmetics that have appeared on the site. ApexDiscovered subreddit yesterday morning.

Although the folder was removed, the files it contained were quickly archived, and the speculative subreddit is currently filled with screenshots and videos of what appears to be a development version of the game. The dump’s highlight is nine new characters on the roster – and while most are using placeholder training dummy models, at least one (dubbed “Newcastle”) looks almost complete, raising speculation he’ll be next to arrive. .

The leak also includes details of a new battle royale map, “Divided Moon”, currently using textures and blocking assets. Several new arena maps have also been leaked, along with map changes for Storm Point and King’s Canyon. The leak also includes new challenges and training options, never-before-seen heirlooms for two existing Legends, and a variety of Legendary character skins in various completion states, among other miscellaneous changes.

This isn’t the first time that Apex content has been dropped prematurely. AN leak season 6 revealed several new characters ahead of schedule – and while Fuse, Ash, Horizon, and Valk would eventually leave, it’s worth noting that others either didn’t materialize (Blisk) or were massively reworked before launch (Mad Maggie). It is very likely that many of the nine Legends leaked this week will arrive dramatically differently, if at all.

However, considering the breadth of new characters and maps, the community is calling this the biggest leak in Apex Legends history, reportedly spoiling two entire years of releases. But the leak also sparked drama in the ApexUncovered scene, like the leaker whose name is watermarked in many of the images. claims he was framed by another prolific leaker.

I contacted a Respawn representative for comment.

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