Microsoft Flight Simulator’s latest worldwide update reveals Spain, Portugal and more

Sure, you can play Microsoft Flight Simulator for its complex simulation features, but I’d rather just fly around the world looking at things. Asobo has been releasing new worldwide updates at an astonishing pace, adding real-world detail to places like France, Sweden, AustraliaUK and much more.

The latest worldwide update turns its attention to the Iberian Peninsula, which encompasses Spain and Portugal, but also smaller territories like Gibraltar and Andorra. This means that the cities of Lisbon and Madrid are more detailed than ever, with real architecture rather than Flight Simulator’s computer-based predictions based on map data.

New points of interest range from the Segovia Aqueduct in Segovia, which dates back to Roman times, to the modern City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. Also included, randomly, are the Cathedral of Braga, the Alqueva Dam and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Whatever the case, flying through this particular pocket of the world must be a lot more immersive now.

Overall, you can expect much more accurate aerial and elevation imagery, plus four “artisanal” airports, 99 points of interest, and 13 new activities, which provide an extra incentive to take a virtual tour of Western Europe if you need to. The update is available now, and the full patch notes are on here.

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