Oops, Elden Ring accidentally made a dog stronger than 11 Radahns

Poisonous swamps and terrible dogs have one thing in common: FromSoftware absolutely cannot resist putting them in all of their games. Elden ring is full of hounds that might have a better chance of becoming Elden Lord than you do, considering how often they launch themselves into near-unstoppable barrages of prey that always seem to baffle you. And that’s just from Elden Ring normal terrible dog breed. The dog variant that causes bleeding in Elden Ring is much, much worse. These bleed hounds are currently bugged, causing them to deal over 11,000 points of damage in an attack animation.

For reference, this is about five times the amount of health you have at 99 stamina. Put another way: Starscourge Radahn does around 1,000 damage with its most brutal attacks. These dogs are like fighting 11 Radahns at once – a real nightmare.

FromSoftware dataminer and modder Zullie the Witch has reached a explanation for how the developer accidentally made his dogs much worse in Elden Ring. This ridiculous damage boils down to a flaw in the way the game determines whether an enemy attack hits you or not.

Enemies in Elden Ring share animation data for efficiency. Instead of having to have unique attack animations for every small variation of a horse, many of them use the same animations. It works the same way for dogs, except bleeding dogs come in two sizes. When any size dog attacks you, the game checks which one it is and allows it to deal an appropriate amount of damage to you. It does this so that once hit, you can’t be hit again by the same attack.

Instead of blocking your decision on which dog attack hits you, Elden Ring picks one and then erases the data on that choice. As a result, it makes this decision over and over again for every frame you’re inside the dog’s attack hitbox, which means you’re hit by absurd amounts of damage in an instant. And that’s not including the bleed status that reduces a fat percentage from your health after successive attacks. It’s really brutal.

The fix for FromSoftware, as Zullie explains in the video, is pretty obvious: don’t clear the choice data every time she makes a decision. That way, the dog won’t hit you harder than all the bosses in the game. But until FromSoftware fixes the bug, the only solution for gamers is to run far, far away.

FromSoftware games have had similarly strange problems before. Inside dark souls 2, weapon durability was tied to frame rate, so running the game at 60 fps caused your weapons to break twice as fast as those playing at 30 fps. At the time it looked like the developer had it for PC players specifically, but given that Elden Ring is limited to 60 fps on all platforms, we are all blessed: we can experience the worst dogs of 2022, together. Can we please go back to simpler timeswhen were dogs (and cats) good?

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