Rapper Tee Grizzley signs eSports partnership within his GTA Online server

Here’s a story that will make your head spin. Tee Grizzley, a rising rapper from Detroit, has signed a major partnership with eSports lifestyle brand XSET… within a GTA Online RPG server.

Alongside his rap career, Grizzley is an avid gamer and Twitch streamer who has his own custom GTA RPG server, Grizzley World RP. The partnership with XSET – which is apparently about helping ex-cons improve their lives by providing consoles and inviting them to join Grizzley’s roleplaying server (Grizzley himself served time for an attempted robbery in 2014) – was officially sealed by the two parties within the RP server. The moment was captured and posted on Twitter by Jake Lucky, co-owner of FullSquadGaming:

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In the video, you can see Grizzly’s avatar receive an in-game phone call from an XSET representative, before he and his entourage “Grizzlely Gang” move to an in-game spa to seal the deal. On a Press release (opens in new tab) issued shortly afterwards, Tee Grizzely said he was “excited to join XSET and take Grizzley Gang Gaming to the next level”, adding “I’ve always loved playing for fun, but now it’s so much more than that. I’ve seen how this industry It can truly change lives and I can’t wait to provide more opportunities for people who have faced similar challenges and adversity as I have.”

If you’re a fan of Grizzley or XSET, this is obviously going to be a big deal in its own right. But the way in which the agreement was signed also has broader implications. This is precisely the kind of interactive overlap between reality and virtual worlds that Metaverse proponents claim the technology will bring. The ability to meet, conduct business in real life, and celebrate everything within a virtual world is basically the initial step for Metaverse.

As for what that means, well, it can be interpreted in two ways. It could be a claim to the Metaverse concept. Up until this point, the Metaverse has been a largely nonsensical buzzword used by governments and corporations in hopes of distracting people from ongoing scandals (opens in new tab)that was presented to us through deeply cursed (opens in new tab) proof of concept videos. The Grizzley and XSET agreement clearly demonstrates the functional potential for this hybridization of reality and virtual worlds.

Alternatively, the deal shows that Metaverse-like platforms already exist in sprawling bubbles like GTA Online and other virtual spaces like Second Life. From this perspective, the sudden corporate frenzy for the Metaverse looks more like a struggle to wrest this emerging phenomenon from the hands of individual users and self-regulating communities and place it under the control of tech giants and billionaires, who, given the damage (opens in new tab) companies like Meta have done through their non-meta social media platforms would likely be an extremely bad thing.

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