Rogue Legacy 2 leaves Early Access later this month

don’t shit your pants Studio Cellar Door Games has announced an April 28 release date for Rogue Legacy 2, a sequel to their 2013 platform roguelite. Rogue Legacy 2 has been in Early Access since August 2020 and over that time has grown to a total of 15 playable classes and an approach to progress that avoids rinse-off gameplay and repeats permanent gameplay.

As far as the latter is concerned, Rogue Legacy 2 has “legacy” that grant the player permanent skills and upgrades, which is an expansion on the base building element in the original that provided a sense of overall progress even after death. The game’s trait system is also back, taking the form of various nerfs and buffs that you’ll either enjoy or suffer with every run. This is part of the series’ genealogical approach to its heroes: each time you die, your character’s child follows you, with some of your inherited strengths and weaknesses. You’ll also be able to spend some of the money they’ve earned equipping the family property.

But the first thing that stands out about Rogue Legacy 2 is how handsome it looks. The original had a decent art style as far as pixel art platformers were concerned, but Rogue Legacy 2 has a 2.5D approach that resembles 90s cartoons. lava, snow areas, castle areas) is a real step up from the relatively equal original.

“We can’t put into words all the emotions we’re feeling now that we’ve come this far, and we know it’s just the beginning,” wrote a Cellar Door spokesperson on Steam, suggesting the game will continue to expand upon release. In a press release, the studio wrote that “our goal for Rogue Legacy 2 was always to make ‘Rogue Legacy 3’ because we didn’t want to settle for just more”.

To celebrate, the original Rogue Legacy is free on the Epic Games Store until April 14th. Worth playing: despite the roguelite genre being a bit overcrowded these days, it holds up well.

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