Shotgun some cosmic horrors in Forgive Me Father

A dark retro-FPS set in an uncompromising world of comics we had our eyes on forgive me father (opens in new tab) for a while now, and it finally came out. After a journey into the dreamlands of early access, Forgive Me Father has just been released this week. Following the loose story of a few main characters delving into a predictably fish and tentacle cult, Forgive Me Father mostly has you chomping on a lot of monsters and spitting them out… if you’re really good at retro-style shooting.

Oh Hard, at least the headshots really seemed to matter. Running out of ammo turned me from sniper to survival horror pretty quickly. On the other hand, accumulating madness turns the game into survival horror for enemies as you activate a powerful skill like a flaming angel sword or whatever.

Early reviews from players are quite positive, although some criticize the overall level design or the intricacies of the leveling and upgrading system. You can find Forgive Me Father at Epic (opens in new tab), GO (opens in new tab)and Steam. (opens in new tab)

(Image credit: Byte Barrel)

forgive me father

(Image credit: Byte Barrel)

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