Sony acquires new Jade Raymond studio in Haven

In March 2021, Assassin’s Creed co-creator and former head of Stadia Games and Entertainment, Jade Raymond, announced that launched a new studio called Haven. The studio was “independent” but supported by Sony, and their first project was described as a “new IP for PlayStation”.

It looked a lot like a PlayStation studio in all but name, and now it’s official: PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst announced today that Sony acquired Haven.

“We started working with Jade and her team in early 2021 as they were about to announce the formation of Haven Studios,” Hulst wrote. “Since first release, we’ve been inspired by Haven’s vision to create a modern multiplayer experience that brings players together in a positive and meaningful way. We were confident in his creative and technical expertise to deliver such an ambitious project, and we’re excited to invest in his journey. developing a new original IP for the PlayStation.”

Details on Haven’s first game have yet to be revealed, but Raymond said in his own statement that the studio “has made incredible progress in a short amount of time, thanks to our talented and passionate team and their exceptional contributions.”

“Our first IP for PlayStation is on its way to delivering a AAA multiplayer experience with a vision to build a systemic and evolving world focused on freedom, emotion and fun that will keep gamers entertained and engaged for years to come,” said Raymond.

“As a first-party SIE studio, we will have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most renowned development teams in the world, including studios like Guerrilla, Naughty Dog, Media Molecule and Insomniac Games, the game makers who have inspired us as gamers and developers for years. We’re excited to learn from these world-class studios, as well as the exceptional core creative, technology, and marketing teams, whose experience will enable us to deliver even better games to gamers.”

Raymond’s description of Haven’s ongoing project is vague to say the least, and while the have studios. with The site is definitely more developed than it was last year, it still doesn’t have much to say about what’s going on. Mostly a recruiting page at this stage, it’s full of buzzwords from various sources about passion, admiration, creativity and all that – “We build opportunities for fearless optimism” is one such message – about generic concept art and otherwise features lists of jobs, a “meet the team” page and a blog section. The information about what it is actually doing, however, remains elusive.

It’s also unclear what platforms the first Haven game will appear on. in a separate Press release, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said the project will “not only flex the power of the PlayStation 5, but further expand the diverse catalog of gaming experiences that can only be found on PlayStation.” This obviously points to PS5 exclusivity, something Sony has previously hinted at. want to keep. But Sony’s original gaming PC ports, including heavyweights like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Past daysand Unknownare increasingly common, and nowadays we tend to see them more as a matter of “when” rather than “if”.

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