SteelSeries launches Aerox successors to our favorite lightweight gaming mouse

SteelSeries is responsible for our favorite lightweight wireless gaming mouse currently on the market, the Aerox 3 wireless. We love the breeze through the big honeycomb perforations and the huge battery life. Now the brand has announced the next batch of devices in this lightweight mouse line.

The Aerox 5, Aerox 5 Wireless and Aerox 9 Wireless mice are said to have learned from the wonderfully received Aerox 3. Judging by the images, the Aerox series retains that beautiful honeycomb structure, right down to the fingers for that extra breath of freshness. But they are still IP54 rated for water protection despite all those holes. Each one in the series seems to have its own purpose for different types of players.

The SteelSeries Aerox 5 is the only wired mouse included in these new products. It is touted as the lightest mouse of its kind currently available, weighing in at just 66g. It also features 9 programmable buttons, SteelSeries gold IP54 micro switches, TrueMove Air precision optical sensor, and of course lots of RGB. This looks like a solid wired mouse with a wide range of uses, while still being incredibly light. It’s retailing for $79.99 (AU$149, EU€89.99).

The wireless version of Aerox 5 comes a little heavier at 74g. This is no doubt to keep the battery up to 180 hours inside. Its fast charging features give you 15 minutes of charging for over 40 hours of use, and it uses a USB 2.0 and Bluetooth wireless connection to connect to multiple devices. These additional features and functionality raise the price to $139.99 (AU$269, $139.99, EU €149.99).

finally the Aerox 9 wireless mouse is specifically designed for the MOBA or MMO player in your life. It’s the heaviest of the bunch, but still pretty light at 89g and has 12 programmable thumb buttons for all the important macros. It uses the same gold microswitches as the Aerox 5, as well as the optical sensor, and is rated for the same battery life as the wireless version. This makes for a pretty lightweight MMO mouse at $149.99 (AU$299, $149.99, EU€159.99).

That said, if you’re after the original stunner, the Aerox 3 wireless, SteelSeries is still selling the 2022 edition of this older mouse at a cheaper price than these newer models. Here’s hoping they can live up to the legacy set for them.

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