Test your Final Fantasy 14 musical knowledge with this Heardle spinoff

Last month I came across hearle (opens in new tab). he is one of those Games adjacent to Wordle (opens in new tab), where you’re fed a song a few seconds at a time and have to guess which chart tops. I’m a complete sucker for guessing songs and subsequently did my best to set aside a few minutes every day to flex my musical knowledge. But you know what would make it even better? Pairing it with my favorite game, the critically acclaimed MMORPG final fantasy 14 (opens in new tab).

Fortunately, someone has gone and done just that. FFXIV Heard (opens in new tab)comes courtesy of @ZenosEnjoyer (opens in new tab)and it works just like its inspiration – each day features a new song from the Final Fantasy 14 discography. You only have one second to make your first guess, then each incorrect guess gives you a few more seconds at a time.

Not only did it remind me how many bangers the game has, it also made me realize that I barely know any of the names on the actual soundtrack. Of my four daily attempts, I didn’t get any of them right. I can tell you the exact dungeon, trial or zone the song comes from, but don’t ask me to call the song by its legal name.

Despite my shoddy knowledge, I’m here for more geeky versions of Wordle and its derivatives. We already have the dungeon crawler Dungleon (opens in new tab) and some more specific like Wordle for Magic: The Encounter (opens in new tab). There are also high score day (opens in new tab), which provides some photos based on a specific theme. But I would totally be behind some more game-specific versions of these spin-offs.

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