The Deus Ex Randomizer mod also adds bingo, Dark Souls-style online death markers

Days before the 22nd anniversary of its release, the PC gaming touchstone Deus Ex is getting a big break. Update 2.0 for your ambitious Randomizer mod (opens in new tab).

Directed by modder die4ever (opens in new tab), the mod’s main feature, randomization, seems to shake up Deus Ex’s well-trodden levels with shuffled starting points, gear locations, passwords, objective locations, keys, enemies, and even door/lock strength. A big “we’re not in Kansas anymore” moment from the mod’s trailer was seeing a player try to enter the legendary port code 0451 into the UNATCO storage shed and deny access.

Similar to the various Souls series randomizers we’ve covered in the past, this kind of change can encourage improvisation and freshen up a well-worn experience. I think it could be even more transformative in an immersive simulator, a genre whose chaotic and exciting potential can often be limited by familiarity with a game’s maps and Myths around the “correct” way to play (opens in new tab).

The Randomizer mod also adds some inventive and really innovative features to the game. It has an optional online component, including Souls series-style death markers for other players – they appear as small floating skulls on the ground, and by hovering over them you get the cause and time of death. Having online features enabled will also send occasional updates to a Randomizer mod Twitter activity account (opens in new tab)which tweets brief snippets of player activity.

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There is also the issue of bingo. Deus Ex Randomizer’s bingo feature adds bonus objectives organized on a bingo card to your menus. Tasks include leaving former helicopter pilot Jock buzzing, sinking a bucket into Hell’s Kitchen’s basketball court, and killing members of the game’s extensive supporting cast. Like random levels, new objectives can really help you approach a familiar game with a fresh perspective.

Randomizer 2.0 also has pretty robust support for other Deus Ex mods, including crowd control (opens in new tab)that allows a Twitch chat to ruin your game, the Lady D female JC mod (opens in new tab)The HX cooperation (opens in new tab) mod and Deus Ex Revision, which we recently featured in our guide to having the best experience with Deus Ex in 2022 (opens in new tab).

I’m usually a bit of a purist with my games, but the Randomizer mod looks great. I especially like the kill markers – it’s such a simple idea, but it could add so much texture to a chaotic and surprising game like Deus Ex.

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