The developers of Dying Light 2 are working on new game difficulties, a photo mode and a new game more

with enthusiasm around Elden ring still permeating the gaming consciousness, it’s easy to forget that Techland’s zombie adventure hit physical and virtual shelves in early February. Time flies, huh? Either way, the team at Techland has already committed to supporting the game for years, and a new interview reveals some planned content, including new difficulties, photo mode, and new game and additions.

in an interview with Game Informer, lead game designer Tymon Smektała detailed some of the things the team is working on to improve the game now that it’s released. Apparently, the team was surprised at how fast players were progressing through the campaign, spending hundreds of hours quickly. With a voracious community came requests like a new plus game mode, a photo mode and even more difficulty options.

Smektała, in response, says, “These are definitely things that are on the table right now that are being worked on. I don’t want to go into too much detail here… but very soon, people will start to see these things being added in a or another in the game.”

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Very soon there’s not exactly an explicit timeline for when we’ll see these additions to the game, but Techland has a roadmap for other things on the way. Events, story DLC and challenges, as all planned through June at least, and then a few more years of paid and free content, will be available in due course.

During the interview, Smektała also said that the development process was difficult, although the team is now “happy to be available” and “feeding on the positive feedback the community is giving”. The game’s development was hampered by its narrative designer Chris Avellone leaves the project after sexual harassment allegationsas well as reports of unhealthy studio atmosphere.

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