The OnePlus 9 Pro latest smartphone with Swedish Hasselblad Camera

With the exception of the Oneplus 8 Pro, Oneplus phone cameras are decent value for money but never outstanding camera systems. This was the first and only camera system from Oneplus that I considered to be genuinely excellent. More recently, the company has released the Oneplus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro latest smartphone with Swedish Hasselblad Camera, the renowned Swedish camera company that sent a camera to the moon to photograph the lunar landing.

We’re going to see how it relates to today’s mobile photography. The company and its CEO, Pete Lau, have been posting pictures and comparison shots of their new camera device on Twitter and social media accounts. and I’d like to talk about that, so in this tweet, they’re highlighting the ultra wide capabilities of the Oneplus 9 series, and you’ve got one photo from a standard ultrawide lens from a competing smartphone, and then you’ve got a second photo from one of the Oneplus 9 models, so the distinction is pretty clear right? The new ultrawide lens heavily reduces the whole fish-eyed bowing thing.

I really think it gives it a dynamic action vibe in some shots, but there are other times when you’re shooting landscapes, buildings, or scenes with a lot of straight lines in them and having the distortion kind of ruins the image now oneplus has a whole bunch of shots taken on their new ultrawide and I can’t tell if these were taken with the oneplus 9 or the oneplus 9 pro and also can’t tell how much post editing has been done in these but they do look nice and more importantly they are seemingly distortion free which is pretty neat coming from a smartphone camera now the way that they’re doing it is through a freeform lens on the imx 766 correct the distortion before it even hits the sensor which is kind of neat and if you look at those images it seems pretty convincing now the second thing we’ve talked about is their new custom sensor that they’ve made for the main like the flagship sensor the imx 789.

It’s the successor to the sensor that was in this thing, and it’s apparently specially made especially for the Oneplus 9 series. This sensor is supposed to be stacked, and it can capture 4k video at 120 frames per second, 12-bit raw images, and Sony’s new optical overlap hdr, which is supposed to be super fast and takes two exposures at the same time or almost at the same time.

They’re supposedly able to use the same technology in video now, but like you’ve probably seen, none of this has much to do with Hasselblad yet. I don’t believe it’s dependent on their partnership with Hasselblad because even though they didn’t have that partnership, they’d still have access to these new sensors and lenses, but where would Hasselblad come into play and that’s important but i don’t know how valuable that really is when it comes to the oneplus camera systems like it’s not like their colors were terrible to begin with right i will say that there have been issues like especially when it comes to switching lenses even

When you turn between the macro lens, the wide and ultra wide lens, and the zoom lens, there’s a small colour shift between them, like some are more pink, some are more green, and I’m assuming that this relationship will fix issues like that, but colour is significant, and there’s a part of me that worries or at least wonders whether this was a very costly purchase like once all the reviews are coming out and you’re looking at this stuff like how much of this color science or how much of these improvements really matters to you as an individual because everyone’s different on this stuff like

I think the nightscape mode on the Oneplus 8 Pro is better than everyone else’s, better than Apple’s iPhones, better than the Pixels, and better than Samsung’s Galaxy mobile. This phone has this uncanny ability to capture the nighttime scene outside of my condo very well, and I like it because of the stylized look it gives, but it’s not for everybody, and when it comes to colours, which are a big part of this Hasselblad partnership right now, colours are really subjective. Some people like realistic looking images that flatter them, while others prefer it to be more stylized and there’s nothing wrong with that, but different people have different preferences. Now, personally, I believe this relationship is going to be legit, because that stems from the fact that oneplus has purposely attracted a lot of publicity to this collaboration, and if for whatever reason it’s not genuine and it doesn’t deliver great results, oneplus will lose a lot of money.

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