This game is like Wordle but for movie buffs

Not only did Wordle give millions of puzzle fans something to do every morning, it also gave hundreds of game makers something cool to emulate. There are many great games like wordle you can play like Wordle for music loverswordle for dungeon crawlerssame Wordle for battle royale and CS:GO fans.

But moviegoers might be wondering: Where’s my Wordle?

It’s right here. framed (which bravely dispenses with the tradition of putting a ‘le’ in the game’s name) is a daily movie test for movie lovers. Every day you see a single frame of a movie and are asked to guess which movie it is from.

If you know it, you know it, so unlike Wordle, seasoned movie fanatics can expect a lot of first-guess wins. If you get it wrong, you’ll see another frame of the same movie and another with each incorrect guess. Movie titles are automatically filled in (such as Worldle country guessing game) so even if you only have part of the title, you can find it in the list.

Like Wordle, you have six guesses before you get the answer. And, of course, you can share your results on Twitter.

I’m on a sequel right now (3 for 3!), but let’s see if Framed can deliver some curveballs as it delves deeper into the bottomless vault of Hollywood history. There’s a new framed quiz every day.

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