This Steam Deck app puts top game launchers into a single library

Adding alternative game launchers to steam deck It’s not an easy task in many cases. The process usually requires a lot of fuss in desktop mode, as we discovered when trying to install Epic Launcher on Steam Deck.

Fortunately, arriving with an open source solution, the latest Lutris game manager update makes it possible to launch multiple major game platforms right from your Steam Deck, under a simple, unified user interface.

computer base reports, the application makes it possible to get runtime environments and compatibility layers like Wine working through a subsystem using proprietary scripts. These scripts – also known as runners – allow support for the Epic Games Store, Humble Bundle, Dolphins emulator, GOG launcher and, of course, Steam. It even works with Steam for Windows as well as Steam for Linux.

Lutris also allows local installs from various sources to be integrated into your game collection. As long as you have the client installed in the background, Origin, Ubisoft Connect and Bethesda launcher should also work fine. Not that there’s much point in installing the latter now, considering Bethesda is launching its launcher in May.

Coming with Lutris version 0.5.10, a dedicated shader cache for Nvidia GPUs will also be available to anyone not on the Steam Deck but on a green team machine. And if you want to play anything that requires BattlEye or Easy Anti-Cheat, you’ll be happy to know that the latest update also allows them to be used.

TheLinuxExperiment goes into a lot more detail in their Lutris explainer video, but that’s the general gist. O release notes explain that all you need to do before installing is disable the read-only flag on the Steam Deck system drive; once Lutris is installed, you can simply re-enable it.

Sounds simple, maybe too simple. We’ll have to try it when we get a chance, and we’ll let you know how it goes.

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