Top 5 Best Web Browsers to Use in 2021

#5 Vivaldi

Vivaldi as many of you knows it was co-founded in 2016 by one of the co-founders of the opera browser back when it was good before it was taken over by a group of Chinese investors .Vivaldi is great for customization with unique features not found in many browser, some of these features are protection from trackers and ad blocker and end-to-end encryption to secure your data. The tap stacking and tiling features can also display your tabs side by side within the browser window and when you first boot vivaldi, you can choose between light and dark modes based on the theme you’ve chosen for your operating system. Along the left are your bookmarks, downloads, and a tab for notes, as well as the speed dial of your favourite pages. The sidebar is another way to easily view websites you visit frequently; you can drag it out to make the window wider. In the lower right, there’s a convenient screenshot feature for catching a whole page or a chosen area, much as in most other chromium-based browsers. Plugins can be enabled straight from the chrome web store, just like in most other chromium-based browsers. Vivaldia, an 80s-style arcade title, is a nice new addition to the browser. It can be played both online and offline.offline to play it go to the start page select the game icon in the lower right and click to play the keys needed to play will appear once the game has loaded.

#4 Microsoft edge

really that was my thought when adding up the votes must be because it’s being forced onto windows computers without the user’s consent and because it’s there people are using it the second iteration of edge is chromium-based we like to call it credge it’s not a terrible browser it’s actually quite fast and does have some useful features including this new shopping feature that can help to save you money it’s also not a resource hog like some of the others on this list with privacy and security tools that will help to protect your data online on their start page at the top is the bing search bar with quick links to your favorite sites and filling up most of the page is their news feed if you want to change the news or topics that you see when you open the start page click on personalize in the upper right on this page it’ll let you configure the topics of interest for you that appear in the news feed read aloud is another feature that people like to use it place your cursor at the beginning of the section you’d like to have read right click and select read aloud rocky mountain oysters or mountain oysters one or meat balls also known as prairie oysters in canada french animals is a dish made of bull testicles you can pause or play here on the read aloud bar and to the right is the voice options which lets you change the speed and the voice used when using read aloud in a shocking move in addition to windows and mac os microsoft edge is also available for linux i thought this would only happen when pigs fly or hell is frozen over before we get to the top two web browsers

Bonus Info

The Tor browser, which is a revamped version of Firefox, uses a network of over 7000 relays to keep the internet operation private. It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The opera browser used to be more popular than it is now, thanks to features that were considered cutting-edge at the time, such as the free built-in vpn, which sounds awesome but isn’t all that great. Some people are put off by the fact that it is owned by a Chinese company, but if you want to use it, you can. opera is available for windows mac and linux they also have their so-called gaming browser opera gx with features specifically made for gamers it’s only available for windows and mac for apple platforms only there’s the default choice of safari with icloud support and optimizations for mac os here’s one that most people have never heard of epic browser for windows and mac only is another one to consider if you’re concerned about privacy and security by default there is no tracking of any kind and it blocks ads fingerprinting and crypto mining in addition they claim to never collect sell or share any of its users data.

#3 Brave Web Browser

The open source brave web browser falls in at number five; it’s based on chromium and is a favourite of many privacy and security enthusiasts. With a focus on speed, it promises to be three times faster than Chrome by design. Although this is fantastic for you as the end user because it helps you to load web pages quicker, it also reduces the financial motivation that websites rely on to make money. This is where brave incentives, their pay-to-surf business strategy, comes in. When you access alternative advertisements that brave has put on web pages, users receive simple attention tokens known as bats. Although some see this as a positive, some see it as a rob peter to PayPal scheme to raise sales for brave. When you install brave, you’ll find it has a good looking gui. Its homepage dashboard will show you the trackers and advertisements disabled, the bandwidth saved, and the time saved disabling ads and trackers, below that are the top pages you visited in the past, in the upper right corner is a clock, and in the lower right are icons to display your browsing history, monitor bookmarks, and interests, and you can also configure what shows on your dashboard to figure out how it works. If you ever find websites that don’t load properly with this activated, press the brave shield to the right of the address bar and turn the switch off. This should solve the dilemma.

#2 Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has been open source since 2002, and it is the best browser that isn’t based on chromium. It has a picture-in-picture mode, a built-in screen capture function, and a reader mode, among other features. It has a lot of customization options, such as themes to change the look and plugins to improve the experience, as well as a dark mode to relieve eye pressure and make the user enjoy cool features. The reader mode (the button to the right of the address bar) is another option worth mentioning. If you pick it, you’ll find a better look with all the icons and advertisements gone. On the top, you can adjust the font size and move to dark mode, and below that, you’ll find a read -aloud mode similar to microsoft edge .

#1 Google Chrome

Most users use Google Chrome. People love it because it’s easy to use, no hassle, and provides outstanding cross-platform support allowing you to sync your bookmarks, passwords, and other things through different platforms. It’s really the opposite for privacy; it’s awful for how they handle your data, and it’s one of the worse for battery life for laptops. Simply put, people use it because it’s easy to use, no fuss, and offers excellent cross-platform support allowing you to sync your bookmarks, passwords, The user interface is beautifully pleasing, with rounded corners, and it fits perfectly in both Windows and Mac OS X, in either light or dark mode, based on your tastes. However, one of the most important reasons for people to use Chrome is that it has the most plugins . There are a range of browser extensions available to boost the browsing experience. If that’s the case, I’d consider using one of the other chromium-based browsers listed, such as brave, Microsoft Edge, or Vivaldi, which all support extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

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