Tune in here as Intel reveals its new Arc GPUs for gaming laptops

It feels like a long time since we first heard about Intel re-entering the discrete GPU game. This shouldn’t be surprising, really, graphics cards are very, very complicated. However, the company finally got something to show for its efforts, Intel Arc graphics for laptops, and it’s showing off all of them today.

Intel will present its new graphics chips in YouTube today, March 30, 2022, from 8 am PT (11 am ET / 4 pm BST). That’s very soon, so stick around and you can watch via the embed above.

Let’s not forget that Intel showed off a discrete GPU in the DG1 a few years ago, but this was more of a test to lay the groundwork for what’s to come – not just in hardware, but in software. Building a driver package for a GPU line is hard work.

In a way, I imagine these laptops will also be a testbed for driver tweaks and optimizations, ready for the discrete cards that are promised later this year.

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