Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt battle royale will be released in April

More than seven months after its debut on Steam Early Access, the World of Darkness battle royale Vampire: The Masquerade – Blood Hunt will be released on April 27th.

Blood Hunt—not to be confused with Lineages 2that we’re still waiting for – it’s a third-person battle royale that pits the Brujah, Nosferatu, and Toreador clans (and soon, the Ventrue) against each other for control of the night city of Prague. Each clan has unique abilities, further refined by the archetype chosen by the player, allowing for different styles of play.

Actual combat is pretty conventional, however, which is to say it’s usually worked with ranged weapons and knives at close range, while vampiric abilities tend to be more passive or support-focused – scaling vertical surfaces, transforming into mist. , blinding other players, that sort of thing. It’s a blend that keeps Bloodhunt’s gameplay fairly close to other battle royales, while still giving it a distinctly otherworldly flavor.

“After a successful early access period, Sharkmob has implemented community feedback on the game and we can’t wait to show fans how the game has progressed,” said Bloodhunt producer David Sirland.

I sunk about 10 hours into Bloodhunt shortly after the 2021 Early Access launch, and while I’m not very good at battle royale (ask anyone on PC Gamer Discord who’s ever had the misfortune to play Apex Legends with me), I really enjoyed my time with him. Prague is lovely at night – definitely a worthy replacement for Bloodlines’ Los Angeles – and the game’s long sightlines and relatively high time to kill were great for silently chasing other players from height and distance, in proper vampire style. It lacks the RPG elements that make Bloodlines great, obviously, but it manages to capture a comparable environment in a much more action-oriented setting.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt will be free to play Steamand also available on PlayStation 5. Learn more at

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