Watch the baddest bosses of the Elden Ring fight each other

Elden Ring was released a month ago, so players are ripping the game without levelingspeedrunners are doing crazy things to complete it in less than half an hour, and modders are…well, doing the modder thing. We had the must-have Thomas the Tank Engine and now, thanks to creator Garden of Eyes, all Tarnished can watch something satisfying: those nasty bosses going to town against each other.

First of all: spoilers. Obviously there are spoilers, after all, we’re not here to see Margit versus a Tree Sentinel. Garden of Eyes only recently got this feature, so there are two clashes to take a look at. Both feature end-game enemies: the first shows Shattering: Starscourge Radahn’s final battle against Malenia, the Goddess of Rot:

Yes… Malenia is a job well done. An interesting element of these videos is looking at the more general patterns of boss attacks, easy to do, of course, when you’re not rolling around and praying for your life. Radahn is an awesome boss fight, but definitely designed more like a crowd counter, whereas Malenia is much more of a solo fighter. As lore-heads will know, this is one of the final fights in the Elden Ring universe and, even if Radahn is weaker than he would have been then, amazing to see.

The second fight also features you, this time facing none other than your father, Radagon of the Golden Order. If the battle against Radahn is one of the final fights in history… this could be even bigger.

It makes me feel so much better about my own record against Malenia that, essentially, these demigods can barely touch her. This is all just fun of course, it’s not like these characters are designed to face each other rather than players, but it’s still a weird little trick in the imagination.

O garden of the eyes The moniker comes from Bloodborne, where it’s one of the foundational ideas of folklore, and this modder made his name by doing pretty much the same thing in Bloodborne: pitting Yharnam’s most beastly monstrosities against one another. You have to pity anything that goes against Dark Beast Paarl. They’re currently taking requests for clashes that players want to see in the future, so if you’ve had a terrible time with Godfrey and want to see Malenia smash his face in, you know what to do.

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