When you think you’ve seen it all: gamer flip flops appear

Delete gaming keyboard, mouse, monitor and GPU upgrade from your shopping list. One way to improve your gaming experience is to put your flip-flops in some flip-flops – but not just any flip-flop, game slippers.

That’s what slipper maker TIME posits about its new gaming slippers anyway (via SweClockers): “TIME Slippers help create a feeling of relaxation in the body, making it easier for the mind to do the same, followed, of course, by an improvement in the quality of the game.”

Now, let’s be honest, this is certainly an ironic statement for gaming performance, but it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen the word ‘gaming’ attached to a word in hopes of garnering more business.

These TIME flip flops definitely look the part, though. For one, they’re made in partnership with the Overwatch League team Washington Justice, which means they’re in a much player’s red and black color scheme. They also have the team name embellished on the upper part of the shoe. Although not all gaming slippers are Washington Justice themed. They are just a special edition.

There are two options with the game slipper, the $160 top low and the $175 average top. Yes, crikey, those are some steep slipper prices. I usually take them from hotels for free. I would personally prefer some sort of gaming Uggs for when I play anyway, but you can’t have it all. They are made of leather, so they are not good for vegans. Nor can I say that I see the appeal of swinging leather around the house, but to each his own.

Likewise, you can’t have some gamer boots on your feet until “Fall 2022” as they are only available for pre-order. There are men’s and women’s sizes available, at least.

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