Why is it hard to switch off PS5?

Sony’s PlayStation 5 user interface could really get some improvement , and most importantly in the simple act of trying to switching the thing off, its really hard to switch off PS5.

On most recent consoles, it’s has been quite easy to shut down the device using just the controller. Simply press and hold the PS button / Xbox button / home button, and the UI will automatically show you an option to power off or put the console in sleep. This is true for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It takes just a few seconds.

But turning off the PS5, is a needlessly very difficult process. Instead, when I used to press and hold the PS button( the behavior I have used for years to start the process ) I was sent back to the main PS5 main menu where there is options for only picking a different game to play, or checking out the PlayStation Store.

On the new PS5, Sony has buried the option to turn off the console in the quick actions menu that appears with a short tap of the PS button instead of a press and hold like in PS4. But even when I pull that menu down, I have to navigate to the unlabeled icon representing power ( the circle with the vertical line through the top) and opening it up. After that I saw the option to shut down my PS5 .

The Xbox Series X, by comparison, is very easy to turn off. You just have to press and hold the Xbox button, and on the menu that appears, tap up and select if you’d like to turn off the console or controller or restart the console. Shutting down the ‘Switch’ is even more easier: press and hold the home button, and the menu that appears already has the sleep mode option selected, requiring you to just press one more button to turn the system off.

Turning off the PS5 is one of many other frustrating issues I’ve experienced with the console’s UI.
Taking screenshots in the console is also a pain, especially compared to the Xbox Series X. On the Series X, screenshots are synced to the Xbox mobile app, where I can automatically save them to my phone. But on PS5, the only way to share captured photo is by uploading it to another platform directly from the PS5 or transferring it to a USB drive.

And when I boot up the PS5 to jump into another play session of Demon’s Souls, the console doesn’t opens the game I was playing last but instead the Explorer menu, which shows news and trailers about games. . To actually jump into the game I was playing before I turned the console off and wake it up again, to navigate one-directional tap over to the Demon’s Souls icon. It’s a inconvenience but just one of many problems that makes a frustrating experience.

I do like the PS5. Sony showed off the console’s ultra-fast SSD for months, and it’s been a great joy to jump from world to world seamlessly in Astro’s Playroom and Demon’s Souls with hardly any wait time. But that of speed doesn’t seem to be applied to the day-to-day moments of using the console’s UI, and I really hope that Sony updates it soon to make things a bit more seamless.

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