You can dive into the Radahn of Elden Ring, making it bury itself

Here’s a tip for one of the most notorious Elden ring (opens in new tab) Bosses: Let Radahn defeat himself. You don’t need magic or a powerful weapon, you just need enough dignity to let one of the Middlelands’ most feared warriors launch himself off the map to an instant death.

Some rogue Elden Ring players have discovered that Radahn’s gravitational magic has a fatal weakness, and that weakness is water. When you reach half of the big guy’s health bar, he’ll propel himself into the sky and come back down like a deadly meteor. Normally you need to run like crazy to avoid what is almost certainly a one-hit kill, but if you lure Radahn near the water in his massive boss arena, he’ll land in it and sink.

To achieve this, you need to start by fighting Radahn normally, preferably by summoning all available allies in the fight. This will keep Radahn distracted while you cast magic on him or take a few sword swings. When he’s close to half health, you can start luring him into the water on horseback. If you get a little out of his melee range, he’ll have no choice but to chase after you, and you can take him to the edge of the ocean and unleash his meteor attack.

This absurd strategy – found by both the Reddit user HomeCrownCrown7 (opens in new tab) and twitter user izuoku_ (opens in new tab)— trivializes the constant balance of passes in Radahn’s fight, but for me it still falls into a history of weird tactics for Souls bosses. FromSoftware initially nerfed Radahn’s damage output a lot and recently (opens in new tab) made him threaten again. Now you can’t brag about killing Radahn without specifying exactly when you killed Radahn. Surely the git gud-ers won’t like you making a fool of Starscourge yourself, but I think this method is best suited for surprisingly funny (opens in new tab) Elden Ring is all the time.

“Have you heard the tragedy of General Radahn The Starscourge?” joked Reddit user sebaniko93 (opens in new tab) in a post where someone showed this method. “I didn’t think so. It’s not a story the Round Table would tell you.”

It’s always humiliating to see that while everyone else is publicizing rune farms (opens in new tab) and the best weapons to use, someone finds a way to get something difficult in the most ridiculous way possible.

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